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We provide creative meet management and scoring solutions to a wide variety of clubs, leagues, and meets from all over the world. SportzSoft LiveMeet offers unrivaled customization and modules to unify all aspects of your event.

Our company specializes in providing state-of-the-art gymnastics meet management and scoring LiveMeet. LiveMeet is designed to streamline the entire meet organization process, making it easier for coaches, meet directors, and staff to plan and execute successful gymnastics competitions.

LiveMeet offers a wide range of features, including meet registration management, athlete and team roster tracking, real-time scoring and results display, judging panel coordination, automated tie-break calculations, customizable reports, and much more. It is a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of a gymnastics meet efficiently.

Yes, LiveMeet is highly customizable to meet your unique requirements. We understand that different gymnastics organizations may have specific needs and workflows. Our team is dedicated to ensuring LiveMeet aligns perfectly with your event management process. If you find that the system is missing any particular requirement, rest assured that we have a process in place to review potential upgrades or changes to the system. We are committed to providing you with a tailored and personalized experience to make your gymnastics meet management seamless and efficient.

We offer various support packages, including Basic, Priority, Remote, and On-Site support. You can reach our support team through email, phone, or our dedicated support portal. For urgent issues during meets, our On-Site support package provides personalized assistance during the event.

Absolutely! LiveMeet is designed to manage multiple events and competitions simultaneously, even if they are happening in different locations. It allows you to efficiently coordinate and organize gymnastics meets, no matter how complex your event schedule may be.

Yes, we prioritize user-friendliness in LiveMeet’s design. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that coaches, judges, and meet directors can easily navigate the system. We also provide training and tutorials to help users get the most out of LiveMeet.

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. LiveMeet employs robust encryption and follows industry-standard security practices to safeguard all your meet-related information and sensitive data.

Yes, LiveMeet is designed to handle both individual and team competitions. It can manage individual athlete scores as well as calculate team scores based on your specific scoring rules.

Absolutely! We offer data migration and import services to help you seamlessly transition from your previous meet management system to LiveMeet. Our team will assist you in importing data from various formats, such as spreadsheets or CSV files.

We regularly release updates for LiveMeet to enhance performance, add new features, and address any reported issues. Updates are typically rolled out automatically or can be easily installed with our assistance.

LiveMeet is a cloud-based gymnastics meet management and scoring solution, which means it does not require any specific hardware installation. You can access LiveMeet through a web browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. As a web-based application, it eliminates the need for dedicated hardware and ensures easy accessibility from any internet-connected device.


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Now enjoy five different powerful views of scoring within any session. 

  • Rotations Scoring
  • Live Scoring Monitor
  • Event Results
  • Top Scores
  • Team Scores

Now provided by apparatus columns to see all the scores in one row per athlete!

Live scoring for every apparatus in a session!

Easily select your favourite Clubs & Athletes for quick access to their events!

Live sessions auto update the scores!

The new Club Page gives you the ability to access all athletes in a club as well as their past and future meets schedule!

The athletes page gives you complete scoring history and the statistical summary of any athlete!

Keep track of your team scores with our new Team Scoring page!