SportzSoft LiveMeet

Meet Management

SportzSoft LiveMeet is an integrated, full feature meet management and scoring system for gymnastics meets.  Our powerful solution enables meet organizers to effectively manage and showcase professional meets.

Participating clubs will be amazed at how easy online registration and sign up is.

Parents will enjoy following live meet results on their phones or tablets.

Clubs and meet organizers will love how easy a meet can be setup and managed….all in one place!

Key Benefits

  • Easy to setup and configure with multi-user access
  • Distributes workload of club and athlete registration to registering clubs to reduce errors
  • Provides real-time results to public at meet (and at home)
  • Eliminates paper and runners when scoring from WIFI tablets
  • Results are real-time and post session awards can begin immediately
  • Club fees and payments are easily managed in one (shared) place
  • Everything is integrated (Registration, Fees, Scoring, Volunteering, Results)

Web Based / Multi-User

  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Security settings allow for different levels of access based on user role
  • Multi-user environment allows for everyone to collaborate and work with the same data in real time
  • Easy drag and drop features to configure sessions with groups and athletes
  • Monitor the progress of your entire meet from the Dashboard Session view
  • Built in mass emailing and communications keeps everyone updated and on task


SportzSoft LiveMeet Recommendation for Meet Roles and Administration

SportzSoft LiveMeet provides a web-based software solution to completely manage your meet. It starts with online registration for clubs to register their athletes to your meet, provides fee and payment tracking on per club basis, supports tracking of athlete registration changes, provides easy to use drag/drop tools to create sessions and rotation groups, provides multiple modes of score entry (web based or app based), numerous results reporting formats, mobile phone live scoring, and even powerful volunteer management.

Meet Roles

 To effectively prepare and execute a meet with our software, your club will need to identify some key personnel.  We recommend that following roles be filled within your organization…

  1. Meet Administrator – this is the senior administrator that will see the meet from beginning to end and has oversight of all activities from registration to results reporting
  2. Meet Registrar – in smaller meets this can be the Meet Administrator but for larger meets to distribute effort this would be a specific individual that manages the club registration process, fees and payments.
  3. Meet Coordinator – this is one or more individuals responsible for execution day of the various sessions. Either this person or the Meet Administrator would prepare session rotations ready for direct score entry.
  4. Volunteer Coordinator – one more individuals to manage the volunteer signup, activities planning and attendance.

SportzSoft Roles

 SportzSoft does not need to be on-site during the day(s) of the meet, but in some cases a club may desire this service. Please note that as LiveMeet is primarily a web-based solution, we can provide technical support more easily from our office. Our role will be to ensure the club members with the meet roles mentioned above are properly trained to execute their positions. To do this though, we rely on the club doing a realistic and timely assessment of the people they put in place. Online documentation exists for many system operations to help users understand how the system works, but frequently this is not enough and additional user training or meet support services are recommended and desired.

SportzSoft also offers, upon request, the services of skilled fully training scoring administrator to manage the scoring and results reporting on the day of the meet, as well as other ‘remote support services’. Thus SportzSoft offers user training, scoring administration, telephone support and on-site support.