SportzSoft LiveMeet


SportzSoft LiveMeet is licensed on a per meet basis.  We charge a base fee of $150 and 4% of athlete fees, unless your meet has more than 1,000 athletes, in which case we would charge 3.25% of athlete fees.  Other services are also available such as hardware rental, support services and network assessment services.

Software License Fees:

Base Fee:  $150

Per Athlete Registration Fee: 4% of athlete registration fee with minimum charge of $2

  • 4% of athlete registration fee (count of registered approved athletes on last day of meet) with minimum charge of $2 (for registration fees of less than $50)
  • -OR- 3.25% of athlete registration fee (for meets with more than 1,000 registrations)
  • -OR- 3% of athlete registration fee (for meets that only make use of the scoring system and do not use the online registration module)

Hardware Fees:

Android Tablet: $15 per device
iPad Mini: $25 per device
Chromebook Laptop:  $25 per device
Projector: $60 per device (provides up to 100inch displays)
Shipping Fees: quoted per meet (shipping fees vary based on number of containers (one or two), distance shipping, and ground versus air)

Training Fees:

First time Customer:  Two hours of online remote training for free
Existing Customers:   $75/hr online and $125/hr onsite

Support Services:

Meet Configuration Review:  $18/hr
(review of meet setup and configuration just prior to meet)

Onsite Scoring Admin:  $18/hr to a maximum of $200/day

OnSite Technical Advisor:  $100/hr
(senior very experienced member of SportzSoft)

Travel Expenses:  covered by host club

Remote Scoring Administration:  $18/hr to a maximum of $200/day
(must be ordered in advance of meet; SportzSoft resource logs into meet and is available for live support)

Remote Scoring Support: $14/hr
(must be ordered in advance of meet; SportzSoft resource is available via phone for duration of meet)

Ad Hoc Support Tickets:  $75/hr
(min. charge of 1 hour; if no support service is pre-ordered, then tech call will be charged this fee)

Network Assessment Fees:

Wifi network review:  $150
(Our technician will contact the facility where you are hosting your event to determine the capacity of the network you are using and assist in getting an ideal configuration to meet the needs of your meet.)