SportzSoft LiveMeet

Volunteer Management

SportzSoft LiveMeet has a powerful volunteer management module that enables meet administrators to define volunteer activities (or shifts) then have volunteers sign up for these activities on their own!

Volunteer Management Overview

  • Powerful Volunteer Management module to allow club members to signup and help at the meet
  • Administrators can setup their own custom volunteer activities and shifts
  • Volunteers can create a login account and sign up for volunteer activities themselves

Volunteer Management Features

Volunteer Sessions

Meet administrators can quickly and easily setup volunteer activities (or shifts) and specify the the types and number of volunteers for each.

Each session can be customized so that you get the types of and number of volunteers you need.

Volunteer Profiles

A volunteer profile is created for each volunteer so that their volunteer activities can be tracked and managed.

Volunteer Self Sign Up

Volunteers are given a ‘Volunteer Portal’ that allows them to manage their own profile and sign up for volunteer shifts.


These are just some of the great features of Volunteer Management within SportzSoft LiveMeet!