SportzSoft LiveMeet

Session Management

Session management is the heart of the SportzSoft LiveMeet system.  Session management provides you with real time data about your session so you can keep on top of everything during the competition – the status of each apparatus group, how many athletes have scores, the scoring rules being used for each group and the judges being used for each group.  All combined, this information allows you to manage your entire meet….all on one screen!

Session Management Overview

  • Rotation Groups are made up based on the categories (levels) that are participating in a session
  • Athletes can be categorized into ‘partitions’ based on level, birth year or club
  • Rotations are automatically generated for each session
  • Scoring rules can be applied to each event
  • Judges / scorers can be configured for each event
  • Coaches Order and Judge Sheets can be printed off for use during the session
  • As athlete scores are entered, the status of the rotation group will change
  • Music files can be downloaded and played on a group by group basis
  • Meet administrators can control whether or not Live Scores or Results can be viewed by the audience
  • Award categories are automatically generated for each category, but can be further broken down into more detailed categories by age or partition
  • Live scores are automatically updated as scores are entered
  • Award reports can be quickly generated prior to award ceremonies
  • Team awards can be configured

Session Management Features

Rotation Groups

Sessions are made up of one or more category (level).  As you assign a category to a session, the athletes registered for that category are added to that the session.

Session Groups Setup

Using the list of athletes assigned to a session, rotation groups can be made up.  There are a variety of ways you can filter the athletes list to assist you in setting up your rotation groups.

Athlete Partitions

One way to assist with grouping athletes is to set them up in ‘partitions’.  Partitions are just ‘sub-groupings’ of athletes in a category.  Partitions may be setup based on birth year or club.

Rotations Easily Generated

Once you have created your rotation groups, you can generate your ‘rotations’ for a session.  In the screen below, you see four events and four groups in four rotations.

Scoring Rules

For each event, scoring rules can be applied.  It is possible to override a scoring rule for one or more athletes should you have a mix of categories in a session.

Judges / Scorers for each Event

Depending on the scoring format you are using for your meet, you can manage the judges or scorers for each rotation group.

Coaches Order Sheets

Meet administrators can print out a coaches order sheet prior to the session.

Judge / Scorer Sheets

You can print of judge/scorer sheets that are used to record scores and hand to a scorer who enters them into the system.

Rotation Group Status

During the event, as athlete scores are entered, the status for each group will change.  With no scores, the group status will be ‘pending’.  As scores start to be entered, the status will change to ‘Progress’ and when all scores are entered, it will change to ‘Completed’.  Once complete, scores can be reviewed and a status of ‘Verified’ assigned to the group.

Music Files

For WAG competitions, music files can be downloaded to a computer and played for floor routines.  Music files are organized for each rotation group and will appear in the order the athletes have been setup in their group.

Live Scores or Results View Control

Meet administrators can control whether or not live scores or results can be viewed by the audience.

Award Categories

For each session, awards are automatically calculated for each category, however, sometimes there are ‘sub categories’ or ‘award categories’ that need to be specified within a category.  For these instances, meet administrators can setup ‘custom’ award categories for each session.

Live Scores

As scores are entered during a season, the results will appear on the RESULTS link.

Live results also appear on the LiveMeet Mobile app.

Award Reports

Award reports can be quickly generated and printed out for award ceremonies.

Team Awards

Team awards are also automatically calculated and available to be printed out for award ceremonies.


These are just some of the fantastic features available in Session Management within the LiveMeet System!