SportzSoft LiveMeet

Registration Management

The registration module enables clubs to register and pay for their athlete fees online.

Online Registration Overview

  • Participating clubs can register their athletes and coaches online
  • Athletes are assigned to appropriate categories based on their gender and birth date to ensure they register for the correct level
  • Registrations can be paid by online credit card, cheque or bank transfers
  • Different fees can be set for different levels
  • All club payments can be managed in one place to ensure for proper collection and accounting
  • Mass emails can be sent out to registered clubs
  • Music can be uploaded as part of online registration
  • Import option available to pull in athlete registrations from Excel

Online Registration Features

Club Registrations

Clubs sign up and pay online using a ‘club portal’.  This portal allows them to register and pay for their athletes online.  Each athlete’s registration is based on their birth date and category to ensure they register for the correct level.  Clubs can also register their coaches for a meet.


Meet Fees

Meet administrators can set a default fee for all categories, or specific fees for each category.

Club Registrations and Club Management

All club portals and club registrations can be managed from a single screen.  Meet administrators can quickly determine who has paid and how many athletes are registered for each club.  Meet administrators can also drill down into club portals for more detailed information about that club.

Club Payments and Athlete Sign Ups

All club payments and athlete sign ups can be viewed on the club registration profile.

Mass Emails

Mass emails can be sent out to all registered clubs.

Upload Music Files

For WAG meets, as part of the athlete registration, clubs can upload music files for each athlete.  At the time of the meet, meet administrators can download and play this music as part of the floor routine.  No more chasing down CD’s or memory sticks!


These are just some of the many amazing features SportzSoft LiveMeet provides for Online Registration!