SportzSoft LiveMeet

Scoring App

Athlete scores are entered live during the meet and displayed instantly for parents and other fans via our LiveMeet Mobile app.  Scores can be entered using our judge scoring app or through our web based interface.  Either way, scores are entered quickly and easily!

Flexible Scoring and Results

  • Powerful Gymnastics Scoring supporting D Score, Start Value and JO
  • Scoring rules can be setup to meet FIG or ‘fun’ meet rules
  • Results are real-time and post session awards ceremonies can begin immediately
  • Results Reporting for Individual and Team Awards
  • Results monitors can be configured to project live results onto large screens
  • Scoring can be done from web based PC or tablet OR from Judge Scoring APP

Judge Scoring APP

  • Judge Scoring APP for iOS and Android for direct score input by judges
  • Eliminates paper and runners when scoring from WIFI tablets

Web Based Scoring

  • scores are entered via a web browser on a computer or tablet