SportzSoft LiveMeet

Club Portals

When clubs register for a meet, they are given a club portal that allows them to manage their registrations, athlete profiles, coach profiles and club information.  They can also reuse the portal to register for other meets using the SportzSoft LiveMeet system! So athlete profile information is re-used rather than re-entered!

Club Portal Overview

  • Clubs are setup with an online club portal the first time they register for a meet
  • Portals allow clubs to keep track of registered athletes and coaches, as well as manage and pay entry fees
  • After the first time a club registers for a meet, they are issued a SportzSoft Portal Number and Password. They can then re-use their club portal to register their athletes at other meets using SportzSoft LiveMeet without having to re-enter all their club’s athletes’ information.

Club Portal Features

General Information and Payments

Important meet information and a payment summary is presented on this page.  Clubs would also process their payments from this screen.

Registered Athletes and Coaches 

Athlete and coach registrations are managed and summarized in one convenient tab.

Athletes are registered by birth year and category to ensure that they are registered for the proper level.

Upload Music Files

For WAG meets, athlete music files can be uploaded.  The meet administrator will then be able to play this music during the floor event.

Club Profile

The club administrator can control who has access to the club profile and update club profile information.

Published Sessions

Meet organizers can ‘publish’ sessions so that clubs can access coaches’ order and rotation setup information.

Other Meet Listings and Registrations

Other meets using the SportzSoft LiveMeet system can publish their meets in our directory.  Clubs that are logged into their club portal can register directly for other meets.