SportzSoft LiveMeet

Several categories include athletes of various birth years.  It is not necessary to create a separate category for every birth year.  For example, if you are setting up a category for JO4 and it includes birth years of 2001 to 2014, you don’t need to setup a separate category for each birth year.

There are usually a couple of reasons why meet administrators want to setup separate categories by birth year.

SportzSoft LiveMeet allows you to setup a single category and then sub divide the athletes in the category for the two purposes above.

The method used most frequently is to setup ‘partitions’ within a category, and then use these partitions to assign athletes to a rotation group.  You can also use partitions to assign award categories.  Partitions are setup in the category screen.

One the partitions are setup, you can use them to ‘filter’ which athletes you want to assign to a rotation group.  You will notice on this same screen, you can filter athletes by birth year as well!

You can also use partitions to create award categories.

So, when setting up categories for your meet, make sure you don’t separate them by birth year!