SportzSoft LiveMeet

Release Notes – 2.1.2 – Thursday, March 22, 2018

Release Notes – 2.1.2 – Thursday, March 22, 2018

Release 2.1.2 of LiveMeet

Fixes in this release are…

1. OnDeck scores were appearing in Results Reports as a 0.000 score.

Changes in this release are…

1. Zones feature has been added back in (had been hidden for awhile) within the Planning > Settings tab. This allows identification of what ZONE a club belongs to, and then Awards Categories support this as a filtering option.

Enhancements in this release are…

1. Sessions marked as “Finals” now support a new Options dropdown called Configure Finals Rotations to support direct rotation and athlete score management without groups. (see more below)
2. Results Reporting popup for “Results Settings” now has a new look and feel (more readable now that there are several more settings possible to set)
3. Team Awards setting now exists to control the Type of team awards (Per Apparatus Score or Per AllAround Score). Previoulsy only Per Apparatus Score was supported. The Team Awards report itself will calculate and present differently based on the setting.

Finals Sessions are custom in that no groups are really created or needed. Instead, step 1 is to determine qualifiers from prior sessions, step 2 create one (maybe more but not likely) rotation per apparatus, step 3 obtain the qualifers per apparatus and then step 4 place the qualifers onto a rotation within the finals session. Results Reporting “Per Event” allows identification of qualifiers and reserves. WIthin the finals session, the options dropdown provides an option to “Configure Finals Rotations” which presents a movable dialog of the qualifiers to support easy placement of these athletes onto rotations within that session. Drag and drop exists to allow sequencing as well of the scores within the rotation.