SportzSoft LiveMeet

Release Notes – 2.1.1 – Monday, March 5, 2018

Release Notes – 2.1.1 – Monday, March 5, 2018

Release 2.1.1 of LiveMeet…

Fixes in this release are…

1. Gender selection on volunteer signup was only allow female.

Changes in this release are…

1. Viewing options within the Volunteer page have been adjusted slightly to change “Signup” to “Control” and make it the first option.
2. A loading XXXX message is presented when changing views within the Volunteer page.

Enhancements in this release are…

1. New Age Range property on a personal profile and a Minimum Age Range property added on the Volunteer Activity. Volunteers are prompted at signup to provide this personal detail (instead of a birthdate as many adults are remiss to provide that). Age Ranges are presented in a dropdown as Under 10, Over 10, Over 12, Over 14, Over 16, Over 18, Over 19 and Over 21.
2. Prompting for the age range is a selectable feature within Volunteer Control
3. When the minimum age is set on a volunteer activity ONLY volunteers that satisfy the age will “see” that activity.
4. Volunteer popup adjusted to show and allow administrative access to the age range of a volunteer (date of birth also now presented)