SportzSoft LiveMeet

Release Notes – 2.1.0 – Friday, February 16, 2018

Release Notes – 2.1.0 – Friday, February 16, 2018

Release 2.1.0 of LiveMeet…

Fixes in this release are…

1. Security fix to make sure only “Super Admin” users or users listed on the meet access list can open the meet.

Changes in this release are…

1. Setting a session gender to “Mixed” will now result in all defined sport events/apparatus (both male and female) to appear as possible events within a session. This allows configuration of rotations in a session for both male and female participants.

Enhancements in this release are…

1. Session window rotations and popups have all been upgraded to use the floating dialog instead of fixed on-top panel.
2. Seeing and configuring scoring rules and scorers is now all possible directly from the session page itself.
3. Each rotation box now provides an addtional two sub boxes (1) scoring rule information (2) scorer/judge information.
4. Scoring rule box allows administrator to see and set scoring rule per apparatus, see and set scoring rule per rotation (as an over-ride of the apparatus rule), and see any over-ride rules on specific athletes (set an athlete rule is still in the scoring page).
5. Judges/Scorer box presents information about how scoring is being performed and by whom. Clicking on it will provide a popup dialog with details about the judge assignments (if applicable), or the scorer assigned. Scorers are being depracted in favour of “Apparatus Judge Profiles” which are basically generic judge profiles such as Beam Scorer that is allowed to score ALL beam events in any session. This popup will provide the option to easily and quickly create all necessary “Apparatus Judge Profiles” if not yet done.
6. The rotation athlete/scoring list is now in a floating dialog to allow the user to move its position on the screen. In addition, it no longer has the scorers or scoring rule settings as they are not needed. You will also notice some new visual effects of scores being slide left or right when clicking Next/Prev buttons on a score.