SportzSoft LiveMeet

Release Notes – 2.0.26 – January 12, 2018

Release Notes – 2.0.26 – January 12, 2018

Release 2.0.26 of LiveMeet on Jan 12th, 2018

Fixes in this release are…

1. Editing the location description or meet description was not enabling the Save buttons.
2. Judges Sheets report for printing was presenting the “AllAround” rotations and should not.

Changes in this release are…
Enhancements in this release are…
1. New “Scoring Issues” slide out panel appears on the session/rotations page when the system auto-detects scoring problems. This first version of this is detecting a very infrequent but stubborn defect where both vault scores end up being considered a “show score”. Usually administrators see this as the same athlete listed twice in the popup rotations box. Until we can determine how this is being done, this new scoring issues panel will quickly advise the administrator of the issue. The resolution is to open the scoring for that athlete and slightly change a score element (i.e. E-Score 1) and post. Then re-edit and re-post the original value. A “change” needs to be detected for the internal scoring to actually perform the re-calculation of the show score(s). Other possible issues could arise in the future, and this new “Scoring Issues” panel will be the tool to communicate to the scoring administrator.