Scoring and meet management software for artistic gymnastics - online registration, scoring, volunteer management and live results.

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For parents and fans who want to download load the app to your phone or tablet and follow live scores.

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If you need to register athletes, login as a meet administrator or search for past results.

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For Meet Organizers who want more information about the features of SportzSoft LiveMeet.

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SportzSoft LiveMeet Features

Meet Management

Managing a successful event does not get easier.

Our web based multi user environment makes it easy to setup and manage your meet.

Registration Management

Meet registration has never been easier.

The registration management process is an easy way to setup your meet whether a single day or over multiple days and locations.

Club Portals

Clubs are given a club portal that allows them to sign up their athletes, upload music, manage registration payments and more!

Session Management

Quickly set up sessions and rotations in minutes.

Rotation management allows for complex tasks to be done easily and quickly, including any changes to rotations as needed and have them updated real time.

Scoring App

Judges can enter scores directly into their own tablet using our scoring app.

Volunteer Management

Your meet can only be successful if you have volunteers to support all the varied activities over this several day event.

LiveMeet has a built-in volunteering system that makes this complex job simple.

LiveMeet Mobile

LiveMeet Mobile is a MUST have for any event!

Running your meet with the ability to conduct updates to sessions, rotations, athlete scratches, and real-time scoring have never been easier.

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What Our Customers Say

"We used Sportzsoft’s gymnastics scoring and registration software for the 2012 Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics festival and were absolutely thrilled with the results.

The registration system was very user friendly and the athlete information fed directly into the scoring system, which saved many hours of manual input.
The scoring system worked phenomenally and was so easy to use. Athletes could be switched quickly and easily from one rotation to another, and input of the judge’s scores was very simple for our volunteers with no need for manual calculations. Scores were calculated and flashed immediately on TV screens after input.

One great feature was that it was very easy to customize the input for how many judges we were using for a particular session. The system was web based so spectators could easily look on our meet website to check scores, both during and after the event. The results were available immediately after the last competitor finished which save athletes and spectators the usual 30-60 minute wait for awards.

We will definitely use SportzSoft to handle our registration and scoring for future meets and are keen to investigate their volunteer scheduling software."
Sheila Earl
– Meet Coordinator, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival


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